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  1. Now i see the problem.. the player have 9 wards and make a donation for equip+25 and go to event and kill all.. sorry my error.. but i cant donated (latinoamerica) and i cant farm medals, for the Donated Farmers. I cant play in your server.. Bye..
  2. Hello, Im New in H5 Server and i think is very bad and unbalance takes Runes like Wards Skill Infinite.. You have players SK (better Farming) whit a lot of Runes (Wards) and STR=70 aprox.. Maybe if you put a limit in a Rune/Wards Efect like only 4 wards efects, can make a balance.. Next i think ADM need review all Skills in the Shilen Night, the land rate from all debuff is 100%.. but for example, Warlord Stun 30% whit lucky in SK.. but that SK have almost 15 Runes/wards in they inventory.. 70 STR / 50 CON / 50 INT / 50 WIT, etc..