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  2. Opened and abandoned!

    As i see only Helios and saviors have got better population, so you could join server that has got population.. not in new released servers of Helios...
  3. Opened and abandoned!

    You have opened the 8x server, but you are not even paying attention to it !! Another thing removes this ALT + B because no one liked it, another reason for the server not having players! CLASSIC is CLASSIC and not PvP server. Wake up admins
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  5. x7 Server offline?

    Hello! I can't login to x7 server - "Access failed" If i connect x1200 server it's not problem Thank you!
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  7. Can't create account

    When you insert a account name and password in the login screen it creates an account automatically.
  8. Fix Feohs and other classes

    I'm not going to argue about this, my point is for sake of class balance, I don't want them to be stronger than others ... Its just that Mages in general (Feohs, Sommuners) do really low damage, they are broken here . If GM wants I can show it ingame vs someone with more or less the same gear and test, some classes look like you are fighting a raidboss.
  9. Fix Feohs and other classes

    Mages in this server do very low damage due to the Stage Jewels that give too much Mdef and Debuff Resists therefore it should be tweaked or else it happens like it currently is, some classes do crazy amounts of damage while others are really useless on PvP. I play Lineage 2 since Chronicle 1 and 2, you say you play for 14 years lol then , you should know Mages are among the classes with Higher DPS, that's why people call them Nukers. Mages do more or less the same DPS as an Archer. Not all classes are equal, no this game is not rock paper scissors and I never said that. Run ? Thats what someone that don't know how to play would react. You have damage spells debuffs, oh wait here all debuffs fail bcuz of the crazy resists the Jewels give, Damage ? Anyone with tier 5 or more runs around with at least 50 or 60k Mdef, thats what makes Feohs and other Mage classes useless. Mage PvP damage clearly needs to be buffed or else it's useless to play a Mage Class here. I just think it's funny how you think it's all fine and normal, Mages are ok You are just strong because you are good hahaha sure kid. If you play in a server with the minimum class balance you will see Mages are among the highest DPS in Lineage. Please learn the game before give fail false feedback.
  10. Fix Feohs and other classes

    apologies but you are quite the moron. you selected the 2 most dangerous and almost impossible classes to beat vs Mage and you QQ about them. Guess who will listen to your argument? You clearly are a free thinker and have no idea what 'balance' in Lineage 2 means. If after over 8 chronicles and 14 years of gameplay you still believe all classes are equal and deal/receive similar amounts of damage then you truly are a fuktard. When you a mage, sees an archer or eviscerator or dagger approaching... RUN!! BYE!
  11. Fix Feohs and other classes

    Yuffie is just another player that don't want classes to be balanced and rather exploit the fact that there are classes that are ridiculously OP. Server has no balance at all obviously all it takes is to be impartial. Instead of giving contructive feedback and backing up arguments he just comes and flammes like a little kid cuz he most likely play one of the broken classes there are on this server. That right there is the kind of player who's oppinion should be ignored, not going down your level bacause i would lose by inexperience. Fact is, on this server classes have little or no balance at all, mostly Yul's, Evis but all fighter classes in general are WAY too strong and Mage classes are totally forgoten the damage is not anywhere close where it should be.
  12. Can't create account

    Hello, im new at this server i downloaded Client HELIOS (EN) + Patch include 25.10.2016 launched game with L2infinityWAR.Helios launcher then entered username and password and didn't created my account when pressed login how to create account and play in this server?
  13. Fix Feohs and other classes

    while you are at it, ask GM to disable weapons for fighter classes.. failer Feoh
  14. Please Categorize forums and organise them properly! Find forum mods and staff and make it pro! Its a good server make it better!
  15. Fix Feohs and other classes

    GM, would be cool balance mages , full geared mage vs other classes full geared, Mage needs 20 skill to take enemy down Yul's and Eviscerator can 1 or 2 skill this is completly broken, unfair and unbalanced, no point make a Feoh for pvp Mages are just for good for pve because there is no class balance at all. Full gear Feoh does low damage on enemy with same items. Full gear Feoh miss 90% of debuffs Feoh's have too low PDef Fighters have too much MDef Lethal shot is close to 100% land rate SM is just crazy Fix your server or else all players will play only 3 classes like now everybody do, Evis, Yul or Tyrr only x1200 server.
  16. Classic Server 2.0 x100

    supposed to be x100 .. they changed it to x8 change of plans from admin side , change of plans for me too. not gonna join
  17. Algum clan Brasileiro ??

    Olá em breve ira abrir o serve Saviors bom a galera reunir ai para fazer as paradas !
  18. crash report

    Hello .. I am trying to play in this server .. And when I try to open the game this crash apper .. Version: EP30_Global,NLS,V2110409,64 BuildDate: Thu Sep 08 03:42:45 2016 Time: 2017.3.18 20:00:42 [GTick=1,LGTicks=1] PosCode: 0:0:0 ZoneName: OS: Windows 8.1(64) 6.3 (Build: 9200), Service Pack 0.0 CPU: GenuineIntel Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40GHz @ 2396 MHz RAM: 4095MB RAM CPUInfo: 8,4,8,0 Memory: 56278KB Video: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 (7878), Direct X is ver 24.65284, rev 65264 VideoResources: 0 MB MAC: 12-16-D8-1B-57-09 LANG: ENGLISH IME: ??? Error: History: UOrcMove::CalculateCRC32 <+ 1.510000::0 <- UGameEngine::Init <- InitEngine Exception: Code [EXCEPTION_READ_VIOLATION DataAddress:0x00000100] Address [0x2045B6C3] SegCs [0x0023] Engine.dll [0x20000000] Offset [0x0045B6C3] How I can solve that ?
  19. iam new

    Yes it will open a classic today just know how many players will give ON
  20. Player busca Clan/CP

    Hola Ezequiel entraría en el TS por lo que podemos hablar más sobre el servidor? TS: Sala: Amigos L2 Senha: 3025
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  22. iam new

    Hello iam new here. ofc i cant believe the server has 8k people when forum is so empty. whats up here? server is low population? is it gonna be open a classic 2.0 here?
  23. L2 classic bugs

    2.0 has beast soulshots
  24. L2 classic bugs

    Correct me if i'm wrong, but the original Classic server has NOT Beast Soulshots.
  25. Bugs

    How do you know all this?
  26. Anakim/Lilith

    Reduce the requirement conditions to enter anakim and or lilith . The server population isnt 49 at any time. reduce the numbers to something more reasonable and scale up as population grows, i.e 5 - 7 for now...! I was able to kill both remnants and get the portal door open but got hit by the condition wall.
  27. critical in quest

    the quest Shadow of Terror: Blackish Red Fog make error.
  28. Ceremony of Chaos

    List of rewards for Mark of Battle not working.
  29. L2 classic bugs

    Nerf Ancient battleground mobs
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