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  2. 1200x WIPE ???

    HAHAHA QQ my Donation plix
  3. Just like the tittle says, Don't waste your time in this server. This server has no Admin GM or Moderator what so ever. It's full of bugs, from new update but more incredibly other bugs even come from before server wipe on previous versions (meaning Admin just ignores "All" suggestions for implementations or requests for bug fixes/ he doesn't care) Is totally unbalanced, only 3 classes or so are worth to play, the ones that can take advantage of Auto Attacks that for some reason are extremely OP, Mage Classes are just underpowered trash like 1/10th the power of Fighters. Server owner lies about he player counter on Web page and ingame, the number that is shown is a total lie, theres like 10 or in a good day 20 players online.Most of those players are AFK Macros Lags This server is like a half done server bait just up to get donations, when donations pretty much stop server owner wipes it. Farming zones are simply stupid, you get farming zones until lvl 105 then you are fucked, good luck taking a year leveling on dark blue mobs Ps: I'm not mad or anything just really want to warn new players because it's unfair to join a server like this, it's on auto pilot, owner doesn't care, total waste of time.

    hola buenas, me gustaría saber si como latinos tienen algún clan, o tienen algún grupo el cual suele jugar en cualquiera de los dos servidores, espero poder entender bien ya que yo recuerdo hasta el C4 jajaja y quede medio plop con todas las actualizaciones que han ocurrido durante este largoooo tiempo , jejeje bueno espero poder encontrar algunos latinos, hispanos, para poder contactar en el juego y aprender mas de este servidor, que tiene buena metodología de juego. dejo mis saludos, mi pj es ricardo en ambos servidores. saludos!
  5. como conectarse! guia

    como pueden jugar en una basura de server donde nada funciona :v
  6. 1200x WIPE ???

    well deserved retrads,thats what u get playing a fucking trash server those handless devs only care about $ ,nothing works in this crap server gl and keep dreaming that those motherfucking gms will give you back the items that u donated :v
  7. Dignity of Exalted

    that helps a lot ..
  8. Earlier
  9. 1200x WIPE ???

    What happening with all moneys we donated in x1200. We dont have them in the new server. I would like ur gms give them to all who did all donation
  10. Zaken Server

    Zaken server is Open Live? or still beta?
  11. Greater Ruby bug

    Hello so i bought the greater ruby and when u equip it the soulshots does not work at all. RIP
  12. Attacks enemies in front with 16214 Power added to P. Atk. If the target is stunned, attacks with 48641 power. Can be used while a sword or blunt weapon is equipped. Consumes 1 Soulstone. It attacks with 16214 power always even if the target is stunned ! Please fix it
  13. Zaken Server

    Excuse me, i'm new to the server and i've been trying to login on Zaken(Classic) Server for a while, i cannot fully update it via launcher, i did logged in on the 1200x but... i'm more interested on x10 Classic, is there any way to get the updates without the launcher? or is the server off or smthng? thanks in advance.
  14. Some skills don't work

    Burst Casting Skill doesn't work
  15. Some skills don't work

    Embody Mana Armor Active Skill - Doesn't work Essence of Mana Active Skill - Doesn't work 64 Million to make a symbol, lol ?
  16. I would like to get some help

    Hello, i would like to get some help ive been trying for almost 1 week to pass my clan from another char to my main char help me im getting triggered lol
  17. como conectarse! guia

    bro no puedo entra al gamer me da critico y no me deja entra me puede ayuda a poder entra?
  18. Soul Shot BUG

    Hello from a day ago I bugged the SS and I can not kill anyone please if I can solve this problem
  19. Soul Shot BUG

    Hola desde hace un día se me bugueó el SS y no puedo matar a nadie por favor si me lo puede solucionar este problema.
  20. Dignity of Exalted

    You have to meet the requirements. Google is your friend.
  21. Server Down!!!?

    I Cant Log In...
  22. Dignity of Exalted

    I cant learn dignity of exalted lvl 2 and 3, The books are bug

    Max armor enchant is +10 and to take the last armor enchant bonus must be OVER no bonus from enchantment no +10% pdef
  24. Greater Jewel

    Greaters Dont Work...

    Divine Inspiration skill cant be learned, missing book from shop

    HI, After you compound red cats eye and fail instead of one jewel that you should receive i am getting a stage 6 bracelete and now i have my inventory full and i cant use my char. This braceletes cant be crytalized,destoyed,sold etc, just keeps my inventory full and i cant do nothing. Physical reflect shirt and magical cant be enchanted. Dignity of Exalted lev 2 and 3 cant be learned.
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