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  2. Nornils Teleport Device

    Translation please!
  3. recomand for GM

    It's easy to level on x7 server, one raid boss gives you like 20 oder 30 levels. I've already nearly 100 Billion Adena and i just play 3 or 4 days here. It's really not so difficult here. Just ask me what you want to know and maybe i can make video guide for you.
  4. recomand for GM

    hello gm recomand you close server x7 and open 1 new rate x10 or x15 max now server no have players remove one site fake system to 8k players and add real players numbers make more publicite on ty and come more real players tnx and gl
  5. Last week
  6. Why you open one server and dont give a shit for that???? Fix this server or close.
  7. Ideas to enhance PvP Free PvP Zone within Limited Items. - The idea to encourage PvP all the time for all players is to make Free PvP Zone within limited items. I suggest this Free PvP Zone only allow R99-grade items (or maybe the more beautiful A-grade set Armor?). Players registering into this zone are auto divided into 2 or 3 teams to fight and their name should be hidden, and PvP in this zone can get rewards like Silver Coin. If players died in PvP Zone, their team should be auto changed. - There are two type of Free PvP Zone, the first one divides players into 2, 3 teams to fight just like TvT Event and on the second zone type, players are auto flagged when moving there just like the Last Standing Event. - In order to enhance PvP, Admin should add new Beginner Instances requires 10 PvP Points, Daily Instances requires 100 PvP Points, Weekly Instances level 1 requires 777 PvP Points, Weekly Instances level 2 requires 2775 PvP Points, Weekly Instances level 3 requires 7777 PvP Points (I love number 7). In order to encourage people to get PvP, Admin should add Free PvP Zone within limited items. Mini TvT - And mini TvT for farming (or farm event): 3 vs 3, 5 vs 5, 7 vs 7, 14 vs 14 similar to GM events. The differences between mini TvT and GM events are players just need to make party and join mini TvT, no waiting time. And this should be limited items TvT for newbies. Losers can also have 50% of rewards because this is event for newbies to farm. Instead of farming, newbies can go to mini TvT. Siege Castle Event without NPC buff - Siege Castle Event without buff. This is a mass PvP event which need many Healers, Iss Buffers, Tankers and newbies can play these classes which do not need top items. This big event should happen at fixed time, it should happen once for every 4 hours, 6 times per day because it is favourite event of many L2 players. (Maybe Siege Castle Event should happen only for Saturday and Sunday when players have more free time). - TvT event without buff and within limited items. We should have this event to encourage role of Iss who do not need top items to PvP in team. TvT Farm Zone - A TvT Farm Zone is a place where players will be auto registered as Team Blue, Green or Red. All monsters in this Farm Zone need 1 Tanker and 1 Healer. Players could not fight against people in same team. The idea is players in this Farm Zone must to PvP to have right to farm. Dragon Boss should be put into event - Dragon Boss should be put into event at fixed time for top clan could not kill Dragon Boss in secret. Dragon Boss events should be automated in 6 times per day, about 4 hours cooldown time. And Dragon Claw drops should be reduced. Event for Dragon Boss should have no time limited. Encourage role of Tankers on PvP Server - Tankers should play important role as the ones who take damage for their party. Because of Dragon Boss Weapons are so popular in this L2 PvP Server, so nobody really want to play Tankers. Tankers cannot survive after 9-10 hits from Tyrr Titan with Dragon Weapon. - Please increase defense of Tankers = 200% Defense of Tyrr Titan with Skill Guts on through custom armor specialized for Tanker. And please bring back perfect shield block system for Tankers with higher success rate. - Purpose of L2 PvP Server is to bring more fun PvP experience to players no matter about their items, more fun experience more players want to play and more PvP. Farming alone is very boring, why L2 players should leave hard-farm official server to play in a Farm-to-PvP server? - This is a collection post which I have collected ideas from many L2 PvP servers. I am sorry if there are some features already implemented or not fit on your server.
  8. Server 8x is Blue (Online), but ACCESS FAILED :((((
  9. I am missing that server too, I get the same message. I have played on other classic servers but infinitywar classic was best by all means. Population was almost empty when I started playing in there but I was feeling that more players would join and to an extend it was happening.
  10. Hello, Me and many others, as I have seen, we are trying to connect to the Saviors 2.0 8x server, but it doesn't work. The server appears online, it is Blue color, but when try to select it, it goes back to Login screen and says "ACCESS FAILED". Please fix this! I ALSO ADDED ATTACHMENT Please lets highlight this post, maybe somebody will fix the issue! I think that 8x is the perfect rate for a Classic 2.0 server! All the people who want to play Classic 2.0 Saviors, please comment on this Topic so the Admin/GMs can see this. Thank you for your time.
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  12. Newbie Guide

    Beleth Circle (noobfarm) is the best place for earning fast EXP. PC Point Shop, right side of the screen, click the shopping cart.
  13. The new Ultimate Armor...

    Ultimate Armor is totally garbage in my opinion... NC Soft is running out of ideas, so they've added bullshit items like UA to keep players busy... Lineage 2 has turned into an capitalistic money making machine... Better switch back to earlier chronicles like High 5 or before.... GoD Update has turned this nice game into complete korean bullshit....
  14. Did the server reset?

    I just came back here just to read the forum... was thinking about to play here again... well, not a good idea as it seems.... I leaved because admins doesnt seem to care about anything... Better try another server, maybe that one ->
  15. Trying this server

    Try this server, get pissed... and leave. That's my story at least... have fun... Don't missunderstand me, i think this server has (unused) potential...
  16. Yul's bug

    Still nothing done or answered.
  17. So what would be good to see on the server ? Very easy question/answer For start, an ingame Admin or GM and some Admin on Forum that answers players posts, reports and suggestions Someone that fix bugs would be nice too

    Yes, when PvP starts people use all skill items and make crazy damage true. But just Fighters (Tyrr, Eviscerator and Yul mostly) But don't know what Admin/GM did to Feoh, people say he made them weak, even level 126 full Buffs open all skills and damage is just pure shit (compared to other fighter classes) Bring back up Feohs and Summoner's Damage please, no need for millions of damage, just balance to give mage classes a chance to win PvP versus fighters same level. Right now Mages can only kill low level or weak, or players that make mistakes. High level Mage versus high level Fighter same items is almost impossible to win 1vs1 PvP Admin show us players that you care a bit for server and give some balance to PvP. Also very urgent. Yul half kill and other skills are bypassing Invencibility skills, it's very bugged please fix.
  19. Chaos pomander (Dual class)

    I remember my dual class I have to buy with PCPoints to get my skills
  20. Hello! I have a little problem. My dual class can't get Chaor Pomander (Dual class) automatical My faul or server bug? My main class awaken My dual awaken My subs awaken Thanks!
  21. BookVIP on x7

    Hi! We can buy special books in BookVIP section on x7 server. Like Fate of the Exalted. How can I use them?
  22. About Server

    Go to system folder and start with L2.exe. Updater is off now.
  23. About Server

    is the server offline ? i cant open the game it says error while loading options.
  24. I can see a big problem in server, when start pvp and use all items skills (Madcow + Shirt Skill + Abundance lv.4) and together with skill Main class Like Exemple (Mind Eye's + Instinct skill) We can give Insany damage like 2 or 3 hit to kill anyone, maybe to fix it you can put limit to use this items skills i mean (Can not use all of one time) and check about Critical from Yul class, i'm sure with a little fix we can do a nice and amazing pvp !!!! : I dont not want see pvp Eternity but too dont wanna see pvp with 5 sec someone Win because give 200k 2x hit !!!!
  25. x1200x OFFLINE ???

    Thanks for the info and is very good know that here we got Support
  26. x1200x OFFLINE ???

    And fix server bugs, class balance, sometime soon ?
  27. DDOS Server is powered up and running Without wipe Without new server
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