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  2. GM time for new server aloo go go go go new
  3. i cant login

    im new...i try to login and i cant....any one know why ?? need to register account?
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  5. Grand Crusade

    I don't see any other news about the server. Please don't abandon the server.
  6. Greater Red Cat Eye(Dont Work)

    Hello admin, You must Fix Greater Gem (Greater Red Cat Eye) cause i cant put it in normal slot (gems) it have description Upper Body (50col for Nothing this is Big Problem) Thank you!! Best Regards!!!
  7. Hello admin, You must Fix Greater Gem (Greater Red Cat Eye) cause i cant put it in normal slot (gems) it have description Upper Body (50col for Nothing this is Big Problem) Thank you!! Best Regards!!!
  8. Auto Events

    hello gamers and Gm's, i play couple days now and i realy miss some tings on the server like auto events/more active players active players wil come ife we have some auto events like CTF/TVT/DM and mayby some exp events/drop events than more players wil come and stay the auto events get nice rewards like exp tokens/silver shilen/bloody Pa agrio's i realy like the server bud somting missing thats all hope more players like mine idea and the Gm's to and anather question are the gm's online somtimes becouse i dith saw tham Greeting GetJinx
  9. server 7x

    The server 7x is disable? end? Whats happening?
  10. open new server gm go go
  11. I just logged in, in this server and it was more empty than a graveyard... Is there any people actual playing it? I am looking for a good pvp helios server...

    Server down for updating or closed???
  13. Server Down

    Hi, the server is donw since this morning...Updating or closed?
  14. Greater Ruby

    Ruby still doesn't work
  15. I'm new to the server, and I can't login to the game. I can get the L2 client running, but at the login screen, no account I try to create works, it just kicks me right back to the login screen. I can not see what server to choose, and i've tried over 20 account names, and they all fail. please help?
  16. Grand Crusade

    Please inform me, when Grand Crusade with working skills is running on this server! Send me an email: Im not interested in Helios....
  17. A new player

    Depends on the server you are playing on... x1200 or x7, i personally prefer x7!
  18. Critical error

    Hello Guys, I've downloaded the Client + Patch of Lineage 2 Helios, but, every time that I try to open it, I get a critical error. Do you have any idea about what is happening? Thanks in advance, José Victor
  19. A new player

    I am new player. What is the server that have more pvp? and the more funny?
  20. ertheia bug (plz help me)

    consegui resolver
  21. ertheia bug (plz help me)

    I created an ertheia I was in the simbol marker to put the dyes, but not to achieve, I click on draw after that I select and when I click to select which one I want the screen disappears and does not arrive in the part of ok / previous. Please help me because I want to play with this GM character. THANK YOU
  22. recomand for GM

    Thats right....
  23. recomand for GM

    no need guide im khow server problem is server no have players
  24. Nornils Teleport Device

    Translation please!
  25. recomand for GM

    It's easy to level on x7 server, one raid boss gives you like 20 oder 30 levels. I've already nearly 100 Billion Adena and i just play 3 or 4 days here. It's really not so difficult here. Just ask me what you want to know and maybe i can make video guide for you.
  26. recomand for GM

    hello gm recomand you close server x7 and open 1 new rate x10 or x15 max now server no have players remove one site fake system to 8k players and add real players numbers make more publicite on ty and come more real players tnx and gl
  27. Why you open one server and dont give a shit for that???? Fix this server or close.
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